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Advertising in Toronto, and Asianized Tim Horton’s November 30, 2006

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So over at blogto.com, I saw this newest entry about consumerism and ways that people have protested against this ideal (I personally think the consumeristic mindset is potentially the worst thing for the present church in North America… but that’s a different blog). Anyways, here’s the picture they posted, I have the link to their blog below:



Go check out the blog – I share very similar thoughts and struggles. What’s even better, the blogger posted two pictures of some ‘anti-capitalist stickers’. And of course, since we’re in TO there’s some other person who wrote some grafiti from a capitalistic point of view. Chec it out now.

And now, I’ve been looking for this Tim Horton’s commercial FOREVER. Thank goodness someone posted it on Youtube. The basic story is a Chinese father-son with some emerging cultural differences that come out to play. I think it paints a great picture of the current generational struggles in the asian church. Anyways, here’s the vid:

Tuesday is for New Books November 29, 2006

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Today, I checked out the fall sale at Crux (Christian Bookstore on UT campus). The sale’s gonna last until this sat, so go check it out.

 There’s some good finds:

  • cost of discipleship (bonhoeffer) for ~$10
  • blue like jazz (miller) for ~$6
  • politics of jesus (yoder) for ~$10
  • a variety of stuff by/about Barth

And here’s what I got:

Evangelism in the Early Church – Michael Green for ~$10

A History of Christinaity in the US and Canada – Mark Noll for ~$11

and Engaging Unbelief – Curtis Chang for ~$5.

Very nice.

The Last Hurdle November 28, 2006

Posted by yuling in Emerging-Missional, Tyndale.

I’m pretty much in ‘finals mode’ at tyndale right now. All major projects/papers/tests are due within the next 10 days.

My sched:

  • ethnography paper (mon, 27)
  • hebrew test (thurs, 30)
  • ethnography project (mon, dec 4)
  • history paper (tues, dec 5)
  • hebrew paper (thurs, dec 7)

Gonna be in exam mode…. memories of UW and all the nights spent at DC Library.

On sunday, I participated in my first skypecast. Basically it’s tele-conferencing over skype. It’s the Asian American Emergent skypecast run by DJ Chuang. It was basically me and him talking for an hour, and then Peter Ong dropped in. He wrote an article from Asian Avenue that I linked to in a previous post. DJ’s thinking about dropping the emergent label to make it more mass friendly. Why not use the word missional, DJ? At least in Canada, it seems to serve a broader audience without being as threatening as emergent.

If you guys ever get the chance, you should drop in on the skypecast. I think there will more of this type of dialogue that will happen in the future.

Urbana Transportation Update November 24, 2006

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Just in case you weren’t spammed by me via email, here’s the update for Urbana Transportation from Ontario.

After much anticipation, IVCF and AFC have an update on Urbana 06 bus transportation information for Ontario.  We are choosing to equally distribute the cost and funding for all attendees across the province. That means, if you’re from TO, the cost may be higher than expected. 

Cost, locations, and time:

  • The cost is going to be $190.00 per seat
  • The stops (for some of the buses) are going to be:
    Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, and London
  • The approximate departure time from Ontario will be during the late afternoon/early evening on December 26th. The trip will take approximately 13-15hrs, including stops.   
  • The buses will be arriving during the late morning on December 27th at the America’s Centre, 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101.  This will allow passengers to check-in, and finish their registration if needed.  Once people have, they may proceed to their hotels by using the Urbana shuttle buses and metrolink.
  • The return date is Jan 1, after Urbana commences at approx. 1:30am. Depending on your drop-off point, the buses will be arriving approx. between  4:00pm-7pm.

Registration and Payment:

The registration deadline and payment deadline is Dec. 5th.  Please, make sure that your cheques are postmarked no later than Dec. 4th.    Unfortunately, after this time we will not be able to give refunds.  Due to the large number of people taking the bus, CHEQUES only will be accepted. 

You can make them out to:  Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and please write in the memo- Urbana bus.

Churches and groups that are reserving a block of seats can write out one cheque, but I will need a list of of everyone from your group going as well as a waiver form for each person. 

You can send the cheque to: 

Ambassadors For Christ in Canada
3325 Victoria Park Ave., Suite 203
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
M1W 2R8

If your payment is received on or by Dec. 5th, your spot on the bus is guareenteed.  You MAY have a chance to ride the bus after the 5th if there is room or another bus can be filled.  If you have financial considerations, please contact me. 


Everyone that rides the bus will have to fill out a waiver form.  This will include information such as personal contact info, a promise to bring sufficent documentation for crossing the border (see Urbana website for further details on this) and an Inter-Varsity responsibility release form.  This waiver will be sent out electronically to every individual or group who has inquired about Urbana bus Transportation in an attached document and will be due along with the payment by Dec. 5th

note: I’m still waiting for IVCF to get the waiver to me. Will post info once I get it.

You will basically need a Canadian Passport (or equivalent) to cross the border. You CANNOT cross with just a birth certificate/driver’s licence. For more info, go here: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2225.html 

*There have been a few inquiries about 1 way bus transportation.  Due to the complications and organizing such a large group and the cost per seat, if you are planning on taking the bus one way, you will have to pay the full amount. 

If you have any questions, email me at yllee[at]afc-ca[dot]org

People who sit beside you on the bus November 23, 2006

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I consider myself an observer of life, and I especially love to observe the people who take the TTC. This is a habit that I’ve always had since taking the red rocket from home to church towards the end of grade school. You run across so many interesting people, and it’s such a shame that more people do not talk to each other (especially since you often see the same people on the bus when you are going to school).

Nowadays, I don’t take the bus as much as before, so I do enjoy the time spent commuting. Once a week, on the wednesday, I can observe the human drama which is commuter life. My usual wednesday routine is to take the TTC down to ryerson for CCF, then take it back home after the program is finished.

Today as I was commuting back home, I sat across from three mothers and their children. At first, it seemed like any other typical joyful conversation between families. Yet, what caught my interest was that some of the children appeared to be deaf and were signing to each other. The other kids would speak and it appeared that the deaf children could read their lips.

There was this one white family (a mom and two daughters) who had a faint aussie accent. Her eldest daughter was very active and was continually speaking to the other kids. She challenged the deaf children to try and speak  as they signed. Her younger sister looked very pale and sickly and I overheard her mother say that she had a fever and was wiped out. In fact, this little girl was practically asleep and the mom was considering carrying her back home once the subway stopped.

The second family (a mom and a son) had connected with these two other families for the first time. They got off earlier so I didn’t think much of them. The children were all excited and were signing their phone numbers so they could keep in touch.

 The last family (a mom, older daugher, younger son) was korean. The daughter was deaf and she would sign to the aussie girl, and make these high-pitched squeals when got excited. Her younger brother was drinking a sprite bottle and was quietly listening to the girl’s conversation.

It was so neat to peak into the slice of their life at that moment. I wonder how the moms cope with having one deaf child and another one who can fully hear. I wished I had gone to speak with them, they were having such a fun conversation. Maybe next time I’m on the TTC, I’ll strike up a conversation with another family sitting beside me.

Tuesday Links November 21, 2006

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I came across this link from iMonk: Do Chinese Students need Jesus.
I don’t resonate with this article because I deal mainly with CBC ministry – basically Chinese students who prefer to be indoctrinated by Western Culture (yeah, that’s a big generalization, but let’s talk about it some other time). I do think the article points to some good western vs. asian values. Also, it would be good for someone to read who’s involved with international students, or even Asians who are first generation.

DJ Chuang has edited another book entitled: Conversations – Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation.
I’m going to get it as an AFC resource.

Who knew there was an Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity?

Toronto Gridlock is KILLER. Now we have supposed economic reasons to back up the hate for this phenomenon. Makes me want to seriously think out my stewardship theology…. or maybe, I should just check out this video about ‘Would Jesus Drive a Hummer

The Club for the Kid in us.
Remember when you used to run without abandon? I used to see if I could jump/climp/run/slide off every obstacle in my way. It was so cool if you could run across ON TOP of the monkey bars, skipping over 2-3 at a time. Or run and jump through small holes in between barriers (think Jacky Chan fitting through the barred window in the Casino in Rush Hour 2) Well, now there is Parkour, a club for high school/univ students that trains by running through these obstacles very quickly and with fluidity. If you don’t know what I mean, check out the video.

[ - runs 3.5 mins - direct link - ]

Also, see what happens when you jack it up with these Crazy Russian climbers.

[ - runs 8.5 mins - direct link - ]

Lastly, since I’m beginning to look more deeply into gender issues in the church and family, here’s a personal story from a Zondervan Editor and his journey about wrestling with this. Check it out at Scot’s blog.

More about Bahai November 19, 2006

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Today, I went to my second interview with a member of the Bahai faith. The interviewee is Loletta, a Chinese lady who’s from HK. Back in Oct when I attended my first Bahai festival (the birth of the Bab), I was surprised to meet Loletta. I was under the impression that Bahai members were mainly middle eastern people, so seeing a Chinese lady amongst the group was interesting.

Well, Loletta invited Trish (my project partner) and I to her house to conduct our interview. She had so many books that were very helpful and explained the Bahai faith in a very simple way. It seems they have the equivalent of sunday school, yet it’s remarkable that they can get… say, parents attending a class about raising children.  I imagine our church trying to do something similar, and I’m not sure anyone would attend. Maybe it’s my pessimistic attitude, or perhaps it’s my general sense that most Chinese Christians feel the parenting resides in the private realm and you shouldn’t comment on other people’s parenting skills.

Anyways, Loletta pointed me to a youtube video that explains the life of Bah’u’llah (their main prophet). Interestingly enough, I attended the celebration of his birth a week ago, and Shademan (another interviewee) read the famous verse of Isaiah 9:6 (as sung in Handel’s Messiah) as a quote regarding Bah’u’llah.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

It felt weird when they were using this messianic verse about Bah’u’llah. I guess I have a better picture about how Jews feel when Christians use the same verses to ‘prove’ that Jesus is the messiah.

Anyways, here’s the youtube video. There are TONS of bahai videos on youtube, just look for it, it’s there.

Wicked – The Musical vs. The Book November 17, 2006

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A while back, I finished reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Jon-C gave it to me for my 25th bday and it was an ok read. I thought the idea/plot was creative, but there were tons of rabbit trails that led to nowhere. It was pretty trippy at times (almost like Alice in Wonderland), but sometimes it seemed the author was going for weird for the sake of weird.

Now, when Jon gave me the book, he already saw the musical based on said book. Last night, I went to go see it with a bunch of friends. It was very good, lots of fun. Although some of the timing of the dancing was a little off, and there was especially one song that had clashing voices (as long as you’re mine), I thought the musical was a better story/experience as compared to the book. The characters and the humor was just plain fun. So if you can still catch it before it leaves TO, go for it.

Interesting Links November 14, 2006

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Here’s what I’ve been reading about this past week:

Andrew over at OpenSourceTheolgy, posts a link about ‘Why the emerging church should believe in penal substitution‘. I’ve been really digging into the theological idea of the atonement and I just got the new book The Nature of Atonement that looks at 4 different perspectives of atonement: Christus Victor (classical) view, Kaleidescopic, Healing, Penal Substitutionary. I’m believing more and more in the Kaleidescopic view… but that’s for another post.

Scot McKnight’s post on why he can be emerging and attend Willow Creek.

Steve Collins has a series of pictures that explain Elements of an Urban Church.

Newest Time Magazine cover story called God vs. Science. Debate between two bigwigs in the science realm: Richard Dawkins (atheist, writer of the God Delusion, evolutionary scientist) and Francis Collins (christian, head of the human genome project). I also saw Dawkins being interviewed on the Colbert Report, very funny.

Sacrilegious – the corruption of U2′s one: http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/2006/11/how_bank_of_ame.html

The Monastery November 13, 2006

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I just discovered a new tv show on TLC called The Monastery. It’s about a group of 5 guys (some Catholic-Christians, lapsed Catholics, non-religious mix of people) who go to a monastery to live with the benedictine monks.

 I’ve only seen one episode so far, but it’s definitely interesting to see how they interact with the monks. There’s also some subtle challenges towards the monks and how they practice their faith – ie. sure it is possible to practice your faith in a monastery-like environment, but how is it possible to practice your faith in the city?

Pretty neat – they do some chanting (memories from spiritual formation class). And the episode that I just saw, they had to struggle through 24-hr day of silence and silence (a desert day). There was even a brother Xavier, who is a hermit – he lived alone for 27 years. According to Xavier, his time spent living is in preparation for death – “a grand adventure”.

I’ll be checking this show in the future. Check it out here: http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/monastery/monastery.html


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